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About DesignerLink

Like most successful organizations, DesignerLink started with a vision:

a community where interior designers and trade partners could conveniently come together to build their independent businesses - and professional relationships. Today, that vision is now a thriving community of over 50 designers and more than 60 trade partners. We meet monthly at our design collectives to view specially-sourced products, purchase goods, create important connections, and ultimately save time and money.

While we are currently located in Chicago's North Shore, DesignerLink is looking to expand into other neighborhoods soon. Check back in for a location near you.


a unique, members-only community for interior designers offering connections, convenience, and concierge sourcing.

Our Founder

With over 25 years of experience in the design industry, including residential, retail, and commercial projects, Michele believes that the best results happen when people work together. She enjoys collaborating with all parties involved in the creative process, including clients, architects, contractors, and vendors, so that the final designs are thoughtful, personal, and in harmony with her clients’ vision. Her work philosophy also guided her in the creation of DesignerLink, emphasizing community and connections.


Learn more about Michele’s and her interior design firm,

Michele Frigon Design.

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